Social media’s impact on teen girls, US negotiations with Russia

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Internal documents from Instagram and Facebook show the companies knew the negative ways their platforms affected teen girls. We talk with a researcher who warned about the issue years ago. We also talk with a Wisconsin expert on how the U.S. is approaching the standoff between Russia and Ukraine.

Featured in this Show

  • How social media is changing and challenging the lives of teen girls

    Large social media companies have been telling lawmakers to trust them when it comes to regulating how their platforms and programs advertise to and protect young users, especially female ones. We discuss what’s improved, and worsened, about the situation since our guest wrote a book about it several years ago.

  • A look at the Biden administration's options on Russia-Ukraine Conflict

    President Joe Biden is thinking about sending U.S. troops to Eastern Europe ahead of Russia’s possible invasion of Ukraine. We take a look at that option and others on the table, as well as America’s stake in the conflict.

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