Social Issues In Governor’s Race, Why Americans Don’t Take Vacation, Wisconsin Watercolor Landscapes

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Americans are leaving millions of hours of paid vacation time on the table each year. Gene Purcell and Veronica Rueckert find out why we’re vacation-adverse in the nation, and hear why we should be taking this time. They also look at whether social issues are likely to impact the governor’s race this year, and they learn about a 19th century artist who captured Wisconsin history through watercolor.

Featured in this Show

  • Will Social Issues Dominate The Governor's Race?

    As same-sex marriage and abortion rights issues dominate courthouse and legislative agendas, they may also dominate on the campaign trail as well. A political scientist and pollster discusses whether the economy will take a back seat to social issues in the governor’s race for the first time since the Great Recession.

  • Why We Leave Vacation Time On The Table

    According to a recent study, Americans leave lots of paid vacation time on the table–over a million years worth of leave each year. A guest makes the case for taking time for leisure, and workplaces that support vacation time.

  • Remembering A Master Of Midwest Landscape Art

    Watercolor artist Paul Seifert captured landscapes in Wisconsin and elsewhere in the Midwest in the 19th century. The curator of a new exhibit tells Seifert’s story, and how his art preserved Wisconsin history.

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