Snow shoveling safety, Non-fungible tokens explained, Talks continue over Russian border,

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Man shoveling snow
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A doctor joins us to share tips on how to stay safe when shoveling snow this winter. Then, a finance professor explains what non-fungible tokens are and why they’re becoming more mainstream. Later, an editor in Washington D.C. brings us the latest from the Biden administration’s talks with Russia over the Ukraine border.

Featured in this Show

  • Tips on how to protect your health while shoveling snow

    Shoveling the snow from the driveway and sidewalk may not be a favorite winter activity for many people, including our guest doctor. He explains why he says we’re putting out health and in some cases, our lives, in jeopardy. He also shares tips on how we can remove snow safely.

  • Why non-fungible tokens are gaining popularity

    Non-fungible tokens are becoming more mainstream as politicians and corporations start exploring their potential. We learn what exactly NFTs are, how they work and why people keep buying them.

  • Week in Washington: January 12, 2022

    The Biden administration is engaging in talks with Russia as the country continues to build up troops on its border with Ukraine. We’ll hear what happened, and catch up on other top stories from the nation’s capitol.

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  • Bill Martens Producer
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  • Josh White Guest
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