The Smitten Kitchen On Rosh Hashanah, The Goal Of Learning History

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President Trump says he’s starting a commission to promote patriotic education. A Wisconsin history professor joins us to talk about the idea. Plus, a popular food blogger shares some of her favorite Rosh Hashanah recipes with us, as the Jewish holiday begins today at sundown.

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  • Food Friday: Rosh Hashanah Begins

    On the first day of Rosh Hashanah, we talk with the author of a popular food blog about versions of traditional dishes she features on her own dining table.

  • Discussing The Goals Of Learning History As President Trump Promotes 'Patriotic' Education

    President Trump signed an executive order yesterday to form a commission that will promote “patriotic education.” We talk with a Wisconsin history professor about the goals of a history education and how often things like slavery, racism, and violence should be part of the curriculum.

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