Shipwrecks, Back-to-school COVID-19 safety

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Home is one of the oldest shipwrecks discovered in Wisconsin
Built in 1843 the schooner Home, is one of the oldest shipwrecks discovered in Wisconsin. Tamara Thomsen, Wisconsin Historical Society

An author shares his new book looking at the culture and mythology of shipwrecks. Then, an infectious disease doctor tells us what parents and kids need to know about the state of COVID-19 as they head back to school.

Featured in this Show

  • Diving into the culture of shipwrecks

    We talk everything shipwrecks, from the Titanic to the USS Maine, with a journalist who spent years interviewing all kinds of people associated with discovering and researching them.

  • What to know about kids and COVID-19 ahead of back-to-school

    A new CDC report looks at the long term effects of COVID-19 in kids. We talk about what it found, and discuss what parents and caregivers need to know about the state of the pandemic as kids get ready to head back to school.

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