Sexual Assault Victim Amnesty, Rural Legislation Package, How We Learn To Eat

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A bill in the state legislature would grant amnesty from underage drinking tickets to young people who report sexual assaults. The lawmaker behind the bill explains how she hopes this will help cut down on crimes on campus. We also discuss a plan to attract people to rural areas in Wisconsin, and explore how learning to eat effects our habits later in life.

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  • New Legislation Would Provide Amnesty From Underage Drinking Punishment When Reporting Sexual Assault

    A new bill announced this week would make it a statewide practice to provide underage drinking amnesty for sexual assault victims when they report the incident to the police. Joan Ballweg–Republican Assembly Representative for Markesan–discusses why she wanted to co-author this legislation.

  • Legislation Aims To Boost Rural Wisconsin

    A state lawmaker shares a series of bills aimed at boosting the economy and living standards in rural Wisconsin.

  • How We Learn To Eat

    We talk to an acclaimed food writer who says we can actually unlearn unhealthy eating habits, and eat more healthy foods without losing any sense of the pleasure of eating.

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