Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Victim Rights, Reforming Wisconsin’s Juvenile Justice System, America’s New Working Class

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As a federal investigation continues at the Lincoln Hills youth facility in Irma, our guest argues that now is the time to reform the state’s juvenile justice system. An official talks about the changes he’d like to see in Wisconsin’s youth facilities. We also explore the role of America’s new working class, and look at some new laws to help victims of domestic abuse.

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  • Gov. Scott Walker Signs Bills Expanding Protections for Sexual Assault and Domestic Abuse Victims

    Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker signed multiple bills on Monday, several of which expanded rights for people that have faced sexual assault, domestic abuse, and stalking. Our guest tells us more about some of the new protections geared towards victims of such crimes.

  • Lincoln Hills Scandal Offers Opportunity To Reform Wisconsin's Juvenile Justice System

    Issues at the Lincoln Hills youth correctional facility have attracted the attention of state leaders and even the FBI. Our guest says this is a perfect time to talk about reforming the state’s approach to the juvenile justice system.

  • America's New Working Class

    Our guest says the new working class, with larger groups of women and people of color, has been marginalized by politicians. She argues for a revised New Deal that would change policy for working class Americans in the areas of health care, family leave, the minimum wave and more.

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