Sex Offender Series Segment, Superbowl Ads, ACLU Files Suit Challenging Same-Sex Marriage Ban In Wisconsin, Mock Mars Mission

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We hear the second installment in a series on sex offenders in Wisconsin. Rob Ferrett and Cynthia Schuster also review the best Super Bowl ads, learn about a lawsuit challenging the same-sex marriage ban in Wisconsin, and talk to a journalist who went on a mock mission to Mars.

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  • WPR Staff Picks Best Super Bowl Ads

    The day after the Super Bowl, conversations around the watercooler often focus on the ads as much as the action on the gridiron.

    Every year, ad agencies and advertisers typically roll out their best and brightest during the big game, featuring top stars and innovative angles to sell their pitch.

    WPR staff members have compiled a list of their favorite ads from this year’s telecast:


    “The Coke commercial was great. Very moving and uniting. It brought back memories of their ’70s commercial — ‘I’d like to teach the world to sing.’” — David Newman, corporate development manager


    “The Microsoft one was pretty heart-warming and gave a human face to technology.” — Rob Ferrett, host on “Central Time”


    “I really liked the Volkswagen ‘angel’ spots. The inconvenient sprouting of wings was funny, and I appreciated the play on the line from ‘It’s A Wonderful Life.’” — Mike Crane, director of WPR

    “The VW ad made me feel proud about owning a VW, until the low-brow punchline.” — Kay Drew, Madison business sponsorships staff


    “The Stephen Colbert pistachio ad. It featured pistachios, a brilliant comedian AND a bird. What’s not to love? Also, it was of the few ads that was actually laugh-out-loud funny.” — Noah Ovshinsky, assistant news director

    “The Stephen Colbert pistachio ad! I liked that the two ads played off of each other.” — Amanda Magnus, producer on “Central Time”


    “The Super Bowl ad that made me squirm a bit was Chrysler’s with Bob Dylan. It had an interesting message. The U.S. should take pride in its cars, but we shouldn’t care about making the best beer or great cell phones. Hope Bob got paid a lot for this!” — Allen Rieland, director of online technologies


    “My favorite was the Dannon commercial one with the ‘Full House’ reunion. The sexual innuendo behind it and then all of a sudden there’s Danny and Joe!” – Charles Andrews, program assistant

  • The Best And Worst Of The 2014 Super Bowl Ads

    Yesterday was the biggest advertising day of the year, but how did this batch of Super Bowl commercials stack up? A marketing professor breaks down the hits and misses.

  • ACLU Files Suit Challenging Same-Sex Marriage Ban In Wisconsin

    Today, the American Civil Liberties Union of Wisconsin filed a federal lawsuit challenging the legality of the ban on same-sex marriages in the Badger State. The ACLU’s executive director explains the basis of this suit and why they decided to file it.

  • In Utah Desert, A Mock Mars Mission Simulates Life On Red Planet

    A journalist who took a two-week “mission to Mars” in the Utah Desert talks about simulating life on the Red Planet.

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