Severe Flooding In Northern Part Of State, Wisconsin’s History Of Women’s Baseball, Blackness And Health

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Being black in America is tied to a slew of health risks and problems, from obesity to childhood trauma. We talk about the most pressing problems and possible solutions. Women’s baseball was booming in Wisconsin in the 1940s and 50s. We look back on its history and et the latest on the severe flooding in northern Wisconsin with our reporter based in Superior.

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  • Severe Flooding Affects Northern Wisconsin

    A state of emergency has been declared in Ashland, Bayfield, Douglas and Iron Counties in Wisconsin and Gogebic County in Michigan following rainfall and severe flooding in the area. Join us as we check with our reporter based in Superior about the latest details from the area.

  • Wisconsin Women Play Ball In The 1940s And 1950s

    When World War II began, baseball leagues experienced a great loss of team players, forcing many to dissolve. While many young men were drafted to fight, many young women were given the opportunity to play. In order to keep baseball alive, a new league was created, now known as the All-American Girls Baseball League. We talk with the author of a biography about one of Wisconsin’s players.

  • The Health Effects Of Being Black In America

    When it comes to life expectancy, black people across the nation live about three years less than white people. In some segregated urban areas, that difference is even larger. Join us for a conversation with a staff writer for The Atlantic who writes that these urban areas – like Baltimore, Chicagoe and Philadelphia – are examples of a widespread issue: that black people struggle disproportionately with devastating health problems, and the causes may be social and environmental.

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