Service industry emotional labor, Door County interactive sculpture, Brittney Griner detention continues

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Server Zachary DeYoung carries a tray of food
Server Zachary DeYoung carries a tray of food at an Ivar’s restaurant in Seattle on Monday, July 27, 2015. Elaine Thompson/AP Photo

A communication professor shares the toll of emotional labor on service industry and public-facing workers. Then, we talk to an organizer at Horseshoe Bay Farms looking to build an interactive sculpture. Later, a legal expert helps us check in on the latest surrounding WNBA star Brittney Griner’s arrest in Russia.

Featured in this Show

  • Service with a smile: How mixing emotions and work affects our wellbeing

    Emotional labor is when employees perform emotions at their job to benefit business — think people working in the service industries or in public-facing jobs. We talk with a communication professor about the effect emotional labor has our on our lives.

  • Interactive sculpture coming to historic Door County farm

    An artist commissioned by Horseshoe Bay Farms in Door County is looking for people to help create a massive sculpture made of sticks on the property. We talk with the historic farm organization’s executive director.

  • WNBA star Brittany Griner's Russian detention now considered 'wrongful'

    The WNBA just started its season without star player Brittney Griner, who has been held in Russia for more than two months after an arrest. We talk with a legal expert about the latest developments in the case.

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  • Rob Ferrett Host
  • Tyler Ditter Technical Director
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  • Tim Peterson Producer
  • Sarah Riforgiate Guest
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