Senate’s Federal Tax Plan, Navigating Wisconsin’s Abortion Laws, Threat Assessment

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A state government reporter visited patients and doctors at one of Wisconsin’s Planned Parenthood clinics to find out how the state’s abortion restrictions are impacting their lives. She shares some of the stories she encountered. We also hear from an expert about how properly assessing threats can prevent mass violence. And we look at the details of the U.S. Senate’s new tax plan, including how it differs from a version in the House.

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  • Senate Republicans Share Federal Tax Reform Bill…Which Is Significantly Different Than The House Version

    Senate Republicans released their proposal for tax reform on Thursday. The Senate bill differs significantly from the House bill, which was released earlier this month. The nonpartisan Joint Committee on Taxation said the Senate’s version of tax reform goes much further toward the Republican promises to focus on the middle class than the House version. We get an analysis of this new federal tax reform bill and look at how different it is than the House version.

  • How Wisconsin's Abortion Laws Impact Patients, Doctors

    There are three medical facilities in Wisconsin that provide abortions, and state laws regulate when and how a woman can undergo the procedure. A state government reporter visited one of Planned Parenthood’s clinics to talk with patients and doctors about how abortion restrictions are impacting their lives. She joins us to share some of the stories she encountered.

  • Threat Assessment And How It Can Prevent Acts Of Violence Before They Happen

    Recent mass shootings, like the Texas church shooting last week that killed 25 people and an unborn child, have prompted many to wonder how to prevent mass violence. Our guest is part of a team at UW-Madison that works to stop violence on campus before it happens, and he explains how threat assessment works to do just that.

    What questions do you have about threat assessment? How do you think you can make your workplace safer? Does your workplace have an emergency plan? What makes you feel safe…or not…at your job? If you work at a school or university, have you been trained on how to react to an episode of violence? What about threat assessment training? What do you do to make sure you’re alert and ready if the worst happens?

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