Senate Wraps Up But Assembly Calls Special Session, Wisconsin Man Collects Farming Memorabilia, Do Generational Labels Like Millenial Or Baby Boomer Really Matter?

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Are there enough similarities among people born in the same decade or two to label them as one group? We talk with a writer who discusses the purpose of having a label for generations. We also hear from a Wisconsin farmer who found joy in collecting antique farm objects while recovering from a back surgery and find out more about what is happening in Wisconsin legislation in the Senate and Assembly.

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  • Senate And Assembly Reach Deal On Tax Cuts, Lincoln Hills, School Safety

    The state Senate and Assembly reached a deal Tuesday on three of Governor Scott Walker’s election-year legislative priorities. WPR’s Captiol Bureau Chief Shawn Johnson joins the show to tell us what passed and what didn’t.

  • Wisconsin Dairy Farmer Collecting Rare And Unique Farm Items Of The Past

    After a back surgery, a Wisconsin dairy farmer found himself with a lot of free time. To manage, he found himself browsing eBay and discovering collections of rare and old dairy memorabilia. We talk with him about his now very sizable collection.

  • Are Generational Labels Helpful Or Harmful?

    Research groups and journalists often use generational labels in their work to help talk about or research a certain topic. Our guest is wary of the use of generational labeling, saying it ignores a lot of individual differences and might do more harm than good.

    If you’re wondering where you fit in, here’s a listing of generations according to Pew Research Center:

    • Silent 1928-1945 ages 73-90

    • Boomers 1946-1964 ages 54-72

    • Generation X 1965-1980 ages 38-53

    • Millennials 1981-1996 ages 22-37

    • Post millennial/ Generation Z, not yet declared

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