Senate Narrowly Confirms DeVos As Education Secretary, Chicago Violence Trends, The Science Of Popularity

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Chicago’s violent crime was a contentious topic on the campaign trail last year, and continues to be a talking point for President Trump. We talk about how the city’s overall crime rate hasn’t actually gone up, but crimes have grown more deadly. An author also joins us to discuss the science behind how things become popular in an age of seemingly endless distraction. Plus, we’ll discuss Betsy DeVos’s confirmation as the Secretary of Education this morning after Vice President Mike Pence broke the tie in the Senate.

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  • Senate Narrowly Confirms DeVos As Education Secretary

    Betsy DeVos was confirmed as the new Secretary of Education by a tie-breaking vote by Vice President Pence this morning. We speak with Caitlin Emma of POLITICO about the 50/50 split in the Senate and why people are opposed to her in the role.

  • Chicago Violence: Gun Crime Driving Big increase

    In the midst of national attention on Chicago’s homicide rate, a guest shares numbers that highlight the problem: overall violence rates haven’t gone up–but the violence that exists has gotten deadlier.

  • The Science Of Popularity: Why Do Some Things Become Hot, And Others Not?

    What makes something popular? In today’s world, where we’re surrounded by a seemingly infinite number of products, ideas, services, songs and entertainment options, why do some rise to the top and become cultural phenomena, and others languish in obscurity? An author breaks down the science of popularity, and what’s often going on behind the scenes designed to grab our attention and influence our behavior.

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