Senate Appoints Federal Judge Following Eight Year Vacancy, Suicide Among Young Mothers, Food Friday: Recipes From Puerto Rico And The Deep South

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We talk to a writer and self-taught cook about her new memoir/cookbook that chronicles her journey to understanding her Puerto Rican identity through food. We also discuss why some new mothers choose to take their own lives after giving birth and take a look at why a federal judicial seat was left open for nearly eight years.

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  • Senate Appoints Federal Judge Following Eight Year Vacancy

    Milwaukee attorney Michael Brennan has been appointed by the Senate to fill a vacant seat on the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals in Chicago. The position has been vacant since 2010, and disagreements between both parties in the Senate played a role in remaining open. We speak with Craig Gilbert of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and the news and the impact both Wisconsin senators had on the appointment process.

  • Suicide A Leading Cause Of Death For Women Following Childbirth

    According to a 2013 report from the Journal of the American Medical Association found that suicide is the second leading cause of women following childbirth. We speak with counseling psychologist Jennifer Mueller about preventing suicide among new moms and how families can support women.

  • Food Friday: Coconuts & Collards

    When Von Diaz was a little girl, her family relocated from Puerto Rico to Georgia, where she was introduced to the big southern staples like grits, fried chicken and sweet tea. On visits back to the island, Diaz found herself feeling disconnected to the Puerto Rican culture and wanted to fix that. She paved her way to feeling as much a part of the island’s culture as she really is through cooking with her grandmother, and cooking her way through her grandmother’s 1962 copy of Cocina Criolla, what she deems as the Puerto Rican Joy of Cooking. We talk to Diaz about finding home in cooking and share some of her recipes.

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