Sen. Tammy Baldwin On Immigration, How To Be Witty, Thanksgiving Curry

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President Obama laid out his plan Thursday night to halt the deportation of millions of immigrants in the country illegally. U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin from Wisconsin responds to the president’s action. Then we learn about the science behind wit and get tips on how to re-purpose our Thanksgiving leftovers as curry.

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  • Senator Tammy Baldwin Responds To President Obama's Immigration Action

    President Obama announced Thursday night that he is acting alone to shield about four million immigrants in the country illegally from deportation. The majority of those immigrants are the parents children who are in the country legally. Senator Tammy Baldwin responds to the President’s executive action. Senator Ron Johnson joins Central Time on November 24th.

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    ‘Tis the season of cocktails and small talk. Only problem is most people find themselves at a loss right when they most need to deliver a clever retort. An expert on the art of wit shares strategies for comedic timing, sharp storytelling and the art of the smart comeback.

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    Instead of the traditional Thanksgiving fare, why not spice things up this year? Food Friday regular Lori Skelton shares her tips from experimenting with different, ethnic flavors in classic holiday dishes and shares recipes, including a recipe for chocolate truffles with mango and curry powder.

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