Sen. Tammy Baldwin On COVID-19 Response, Rock-Paper-Scissors: A History, The Gender Gap In Country Music

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Sen. Baldwin joins us to talk about her support for federal paid sick leave to mitigate effects from COVID-19. A reporter walks us through the long and geographically rich history of the Rock Paper Scissors game. We discuss efforts to make Country music radio more equitable for women.

Featured in this Show

  • Sen. Baldwin Pushes For Federal Paid Sick Leave Bill In Response To Coronavirus

    U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin is throwing her support behind a federal bill to mandate paid sick leave benefits for American workers to use in a public health emergency. We talk to her about the measure, and other legislative efforts to respond to COVID-19.

  • How Rock Paper Scissors Took Over The World, And Our Decision Making

    Now a wildly popular, unbiased decision maker in the west, the game of rock paper scissors originated in ancient China. We talk with a reporter about how the game has survived and thrived, crossing continents and languages.

  • A Push To Close The Gender Gap On Country Music Radio

    Recent data shows that female artists made up just ten percent of country music radio airplay in 2019. In addition, they tend to get that airplay during off-hours. We look at the gender gap on country music airwaves and what’s being done to promote equality.

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  • Senator Tammy Baldwin Guest
  • Anna Ben Yehuda Rahmanan Guest
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