Self-Driving Cars, Admission Standards For College Athletes, News Round-Up

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Sports play a big role in fundraising for many universities. We look at raising admission standards and how that would affect college athletics. We also review stories that dominated Wisconsin news this week, and see why self-driving cars stole the spot light at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show.

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  • Weekly News Roundup: Walker Sworn In For Second Term

    Photo: Shawn Johnson/WPR News.

    Walker Sworn In, Draws Contrasts With Federal Government During Inaugural Address

    Gov. Scott Walker was sworn into office for a second term on Monday.

    His inaugural address struck a similar tone to the speech he gave on election night, contrasting what Walker’s doing in Wisconsin to what’s happening in Washington, D.C.

    Walker spoke about freedom in many different ways, including in the context of the size of government and its role in people’s lives. The governor also mentioned reducing the size and scope of government and expanding the state’s voucher school program.

    Photo: Gateway Technical College (CC-BY-ND).

    As Presidential Speculation Continues, Walker To Speak At Iowa Forum

    More news out of the governor’s office: Later this month, Walker will attend the Freedom Summit, a major conservative political event in Iowa.

    He’ll join other presidential hopefuls there, including N.J. Gov. Chris Christie, Sen. Ted Cruz, and former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee among others.

    Pundits say this is the latest step Walker’s taken to indicate his interest in exploring a run for president in 2016.

    Photo: Thlopene Guy (CC-BY-NC-ND).

    Assembly Republicans Introduce School Accountability Bill

    On Wednesday, Assembly Republicans unveiled a school accountability bill that would create a new letter grading system for schools.

    Schools that receive a D or an F for three years would be required to come up with a reform plan. If a public school is still failing four years later, it would have to be turned into an independent charter school.

    Private schools that accept voucher students would have to stop taking those voucher students for four years if they fail.

    Photo: Ann Althouse (CC-BY-NC).

    Committee To Take Up Amendment To How Supreme Court Chief Justices Are Chosen

    This week the Assembly Judiciary Committee held a hearing to discuss a constitutional amendment that would require the state Supreme Court to elect a chief justice.

    Currently, the longest-serving justice is automatically the chief. Some court-watchers say the amendment is an attempt by conservatives to unseat current Chief Justice Shirley Abrahamson, considered a liberal. Supporters say it will help decrease the discord seen within the court over the last few years.

    The Senate and Assembly both approved this bill last session, so if it’s approved again it will be on the April 7 ballot.

  • Self-Driving Cars Steal The Show At CES 2015

    At this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, self-driving cars beat out a host of new technologies like robots and wearable tech for the spot light. We look at the latest in autonomous car technology.

  • A Look At Lowering Academic Admission Standards For Athletic Recruits

    Part of the reason for former Wisconsin Badgers football coach Gary Andersen’s depature may have been the university’s unwillingness to budge on rigid admission standards, which shut out potential recruits from attending UW. It’s an issue that many universities face, although some are more willing to tweak the standards than others. An expert on college athletics breaks down the debate over athletics and academics at the nation’s colleges and universities.

  • State News Round-Up For January 9th 2015

    WPR’s assistant news director joins us to catch us up on what’s making news in Wisconsin, including the latest on the agenda for the state legislature.

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