Self-defense shooting laws, Abortion pill rulings

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Gun advocates attend a rally at the state Capitol
A unanimous ruling of the Wisconsin Supreme Court found the state cannot bar those convicted of disorderly conduct from getting a concealed carry gun permit. Sue Ogrocki/AP Photo

A criminal defense law professor joins us to look at the laws around self-defense shootings after recent high-profile cases across the country. Then, we catch up on the latest Supreme Court ruling on the abortion medication mifepristone with the help of a reproductive law professor.

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  • Understanding self-defense, guns, and personal safety

    Recent shootings of people who rang the wrong doorbell, pulled into the wrong driveway, or opening the door of the wrong car have raised questions about claims of self-defense. We talk to the Director of the Public Defender Project at the UW Law School about balancing our right to defend and our ability to stay safe.

  • Where abortion pill access stands after Supreme Court decision

    The Supreme Court blocked a lower court ruling on the abortion medication mifepristone, which put into effect a previous ruling from the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals. A law professor joins us to explain what the law says now and where the legal fight could go from here.

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