A Second Perspective On Act 10’s Anniversary, What ‘Flattening The Curve’ In Wisconsin Looks Like, Washington News

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The U.S. Capitol in Washington
The U.S. Capitol in Washington. J. Scott Applewhite/AP Photo

We hear a more pro-union argument against Wisconsin’s Act 10, after previously discussing ways it could be seen as having helped the state. Then we learn what it will take to keep Wisconsin’s health care capacity at a sufficient level to deal with COVID-19 cases. And we discuss the status of federal coronavirus-related stimulus legislation.

Featured in this Show

  • Nine Years Of Act 10: What Hasn't Worked

    In an earlier episode of Central Time, we discussed the effects of Act 10, nine years after it became law. We talk with another guest who takes a more pessimistic view of the measure that largely ended collective bargaining for public workers.

  • What Will It Take To Flatten Wisconsin's Curve?

    Much of the public health conversation on coronavirus has centered on what’s called “flattening the curve,” but what does that mean and what would that look like in Wisconsin? We look at new reporting from WisContext that takes a closer look.

  • This Week In Washington – March 25, 2020

    Senate leaders say they’re close to compromising on a stimulus spending bill to assist workers, businesses and hospitals affected by COVID-19. We find out what the package will cover, what each party wanted to include and what other legislation is on the table.

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