SCOTUS rulings on church and state in schools, Staying positive about climate change

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The U.S. Supreme Court recently ruled in favor of public money being able to be spent on private schools and to allow a high school football coach to pray on the field with his team. We talk about what precedent the decisions set. We also talk about how to keep a positive attitude and make a difference amid continued bad news about climate change.

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  • Supreme Court rules in favor of football coach prayer, public funding for private schools

    The Supreme Court made recent rulings on religion in the case of a high school football coach praying after games and the use of public education funding for private schools. We talk to a religion and law professor about what precedents the rulings set.

  • How to stay positive in a time of negative climate news

    It can be easy to get discouraged when reading about climate change that offers bad news. One climate psychologist walks us through how you can face environmental issues with optimism.

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