Scott Walker Announces $4 Million To Fix Lead Pipes, Coldest Temperatures On Earth, Disclosure Of Donations Will No Longer Be Required For Certain Nonprofits

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Wisconsin researchers recently located the coldest recorded temperatures on Earth. We find out where they’re at and what they mean for the rest of the world. We also talk about a change that the Trump administration is making that would no longer require certain nonprofit organizations to disclose the names of large donors and discuss the additional money going to the city of Milwaukee to help replace lead pipes.

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  • Milwaukee Gets New Funding To Replace Lead Pipes

    Gov. Scott Walker announced $26 million in new funding to help 42 communities across the state pay to replace lead service lines. We talk to someone who works on lead abatement about the funding going to the City of Milwaukee, and how much it’ll help with the city’s problem with lead exposure.

  • Wisconsin Researcher Helps Locate The Coldest Temperatures On Earth

    Scientists recently located valleys near the middle of Antarctica that produce the coldest temperatures ever recorded. We talk with a Wisconsin researcher about what conditions produce the temperatures and what they mean for the rest of the world.

  • IRS Changes Donor Reporting Rules For Some Non-Profits

    The IRS is changing a requirement for some non-profit organizations to disclose donors who give $5,000 or more. We’ll find out why the change was made, and who stands to gain.

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