Scientists Turn Poultry Poop Into Fuel, Caring For A Parent With Memory Loss, Latest On Saudi-American Relations

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Poultry feces, including the turkey’s, is high in both carbon and nitrogen, two key chemical elements in energy generation. We hear how scientists are trying to turn turkey droppings into a form of coal. We also hear from a writer about her experience caring for her aging mother coping with dementia. And we discuss the latest news in Saudi-American relations after the murder of a Washington Post journalist.

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  • President Trump Reaffirms Support For Saudi Arabia

    President Trump is being criticized for his continued support for Saudi Arabia, despite the CIA’s finding that high-ranking Saudi officials and the country’s Crown Prince were involved in the murder of a Washington Post journalist. We talk to an expert about this latest news in American-Saudi relations.

  • Can Turkey Stool Be Used For Energy?

    With Thanksgiving around the corner, turkey is on the brain for many. But the same is true for researchers around the world in Israel, and for a very different reason: they’re looking at ways to turn turkey stool into a type of coal energy. We talk to a science writer who recently looked at their work.

  • Taking Care Of A Parent Suffering From Memory Loss

    It’s terribly hard to see the ones we love forgetting parts of who they are as they struggle with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. We talk to a writer who opened up about her experience caring for her own mother while she struggled with dementia and we ask you to share your own experiences.

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