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A package of bills in the state legislature aims to reduce evictions, discrimination, and landlord neglect in the state’s housing. One of the sponsors gives us the details. We learn about the history of protecting the beauty and water quality of Lake Superior, and discuss conservation strategies that remain relevant today. Also, a science editor shares some of the most exciting discoveries of the last month, including a threat to the largest organism on the planet and things we didn’t know about bears.

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  • Science News: Pando, Pluto And Ceres Are Fraternal Twins, Things We Didn't Know About Bears

    You might think the bears in your community are getting ready to hibernate right about now–the weather is getting colder and the days are getting shorter. But bears don’t actually hibernate. They enter periods of dormancy and can be easily roused. Bears also have a big impact on the food chain, according to a new study on bears and the salmon run on Kodiak Island, Alaska. Gemma Tarlach from Discover Magazine educates us about bears and shares other cool science news about Pando, the largest living organism on Earth, and that dwarf planets Pluto and Ceres are fraternal twins.

  • Bills Aim To Reduce Evictions And Landlord Neglect

    A package of bills from two Democratic lawmakers looks to reduce housing discrimination, evictions, and landlord neglect in Wisconsin. We talk to one of the sponsors of the legislation about the details and the housing problems in the state he’s trying to address.

  • Sustaining The Quality And Beauty Of Lake Superior

    Lake Superior holds twelve percent of the world’s fresh water, and it’s renowned for its beauty–but it’s faced many threats to water quality over the past century. A guest shares the history of efforts to protect Lake Superior, and lessons learned from successful conservation efforts.

    Do you live, work, or vacation on Lake Superior? What are your favorite spots on the shore or in the water? Do you have concerns over the future of the lake?

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