Science Of Games And Living Better, Training Students To Screen For Drug And Alcohol Issues

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As binge drinking and heroin use continue to create public health issues in Wisconsin, UW-Madison will begin teaching healthcare students to screen for drug or alcohol issues early on. Our guest explains how the new program will help, and how it works. We also talk to a game designer about using the science behind video games to live better lives.

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  • Resilience Training With Video Games

    Our guest shares her advice for how to turn adversity and depression into a path towards strength, happiness and resiliency through the power of video games.

  • UW To Implement Drug And Alcohol Screening Curriculum For Healthcare Students

    UW-Madison will soon teach healthcare students new ways to screen for drug and alcohol use among patients. The curriculum change comes from a federal grant and a growing need to curb binge drinking and prescription drug use among Wisconsin residents. A former doctor and current professor at UW joins us to talk about how these new methods will benefit providers and patients.

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