Schools and democracy, Art dependence, Right to repair

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Jill BIden and the student both smile as they speak.
First Lady Jill Biden speaks to Mishicot High School student Katelyn Callahan, right, on Friday, Feb. 16, 2024, in Green Bay, Wis. (Angela Major/WPR)

Two authors share their vision for making public schools the heart of civic democracy. Plus, we discuss the value of depending on others more often. And we learn why technology companies are creating new models of ownership.

Featured in this Episode

  • Opening up schools for civic democracy

    Wisconsin and the nation have seen heated confrontations at school board meetings over high-profile issues in recent years. The authors of a new book say there’s a better way for schools and their communities to interact–by bringing the public into the decision-making process more and earlier. They make the case for an “Open System” for schools.

  • American self-reliance can steer us wrong. Can the 'art of dependence' take its place?

    Self-reliance and “bootstrapping” are ingrained in American culture, but our guest says they can have negative personal and societal consequences. She talks about why and how we can encourage more cooperation and independence in our lives.

  • You don't buy technology, you rent it

    From phones to farm equipment and coffee makers to cars, a growing number of consumer goods require ongoing subscriptions to work or limit the ability to get repairs. A consumer advocate says we’re witnessing the death of ownership–and it’s costing us money.

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  • Rob Ferrett Host
  • Doannie Tran Guest
  • Landon Mascareñaz Guest
  • Alissa Quart Guest
  • Nathan Proctor Guest

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