School voucher expansion, Wisconsin tubas, AM radio in vehicles

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Fond du Lac Christian School in Fond du Lac, Wis. joined the voucher program in 2017
Fond du Lac Christian School in Fond du Lac, Wis. joined the voucher program in 2017. It  initially indicated it would deny enrollment to voucher students who are gay or transgender. The state Department of Public Instruction advised it was against the law, so the school revised its handbook to say it would exempt voucher students from that provision. Screenshot from Google Maps

An advocate for school choice vouchers joins us to share why the program should be expanded. Then, we answer a listener question about why tubas are so prominent in Wisconsin and the UW marching band. Later, a radio historian joins us to look at the role AM radios play as automakers have started removing them from newer vehicles.

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  • What school choice advocates want from the state budget

    In the 2023-2025 budget approval process, lawmakers have been fighting over whether to expand or eliminate Wisconsin’s school voucher program. A representative from School Choice Wisconsin makes a case for allocating more funds toward voucher schools.

  • WHYsconsin: Tubas in Wisconsin and at UW-Madison

    A pair of longtime tuba players and educators answer a WHYsconsin question about the prominence of the lowest brass instrument both around Wisconsin, and specifically in the University of Wisconsin Marching Band.

    This segment was inspired by an audience question as part of the WHYsconsin project. Submit your question at and we might answer it in a future story.

  • Why some are fighting to keep AM radios in new vehicles

    Automakers have tried to phase out AM radio from new vehicles, but lawmakers and broadcast industry leaders are pushing back. We talk to a radio historian about the role of AM transmission and what the future could look like with or without it.

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