School Accountability Bill Stalled, Expanding Highway 2, Potpies For Pi Day

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Leaders in Northern Wisconsin are pushing for the expansion of Highway 2 between Superior and Hurley. We talk with supporters who believe the project will provide an economic boost by attracting jobs, tourists and businesses to the region. We also get recipes for simple potpies to celebrate Pi Day, and follow up on the reasons behind the stalled Assembly vote on a tough new school accountability bill.

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  • Tough New School Accountability Bill Stalled

    A scheduled vote on a tough new school accountability bill that also calls for major changes to state education policy was postponed in the State Assembly yesterday. An education reporter provides insight into the contents of the bill and the politics surrounding it.

  • The Case For Expanding Highway 2 In Northern Wisconsin

    Leaders in Northern Wisconsin are advocating for the expansion of Highway 2. They say turning it into a four-lane highway is essential for economic development in that part of the state, but the state DOT is not approving it for now. Two economic development leaders in Northern Wisconsin make the case for the expansion.

  • Food Friday: Potpies For Pi Day

    Every year for Pi Day (March 14th) people celebrate by eating all sorts of sweet pies with apple, cherry, or banana cream filling. We go off the beaten path and celebrate the day with savory potpies made with chicken or beef. Our guest tells us the history of the dish, and gives us some tips for making simple potpies in our own kitchens.

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