Saving America’s Middle Class, Great Sewing Revival

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Tailor Derek Nye Lockwood sews face masks
In this Wednesday, April 22, 2020, photo, tailor Derek Nye Lockwood sews face masks on his dining room table in the Spanish Harlem neighborhood of New York. Lockwood, 51, has more than 25 years experience in tailoring for actors on Broadway and film, but started to focus more on his work as a tailor for celebrities for the past three years. Mary Altaffer/AP Photo

A tax and economics reporter researched the history of the decline of America’s middle class — he shares some of what he found with us, as well has some ways he thinks that history can steer us toward restoring the vitality of the middle class. And we discuss a resurgence in interest in sewing with two accomplished Wisconsin sewists.

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  • What Happened To America's Middle Class, And How To Bring It Back

    A tax and economics reporter shares some of his reporting that went into a book about America’s lost middle class, and his ideas for strengthening it again going forward.

  • Share Your Sewing Appreciation For National Sewing Month

    While it’s not common practice to make the bulk of your own clothes anymore, it seems sewing has been rising in popularity in the last few years. For National Sewing month in September, we talked with two Wisconsin sewists about why they sew and ask our listeners that share their experiences.

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