Same-sex couples and weddings, Journalism paywalls, Names and identity

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A researcher shares what she’s heard about same-sex couples navigating the wedding industry. We also hear how paywalls affect people’s access to quality news. Plus, the impact our names can have on our identity.

Featured in this Episode

  • Wisconsin researcher looked at same-sex couples navigating the disrupted wedding industry space

    Our guest shares analysis of a study that looked at how same-sex couples reckon with the long-held binary of ‘bride and groom’ in America’s wedding industry, as they planned their own ceremonies and celebrations.

  • The information gap created by journalism paywalls

    Some news outlets have paywalls on their online stories to generate enough revenue to pay their journalists, but this can create an information ecosystem where the only people who have access to quality reporting are those who can afford it. A journalism ethics professor joins us to explore how media companies can balance their competing interests of generating revenue and informing the public.

  • How our names impact our identity

    Our names can be an important part of our identity. So what happens when we change them? An ethnic identity historian joins us to look at some of the history of name changes, and the cultural significance behind them.

Episode Credits

  • Rob Ferrett Host
  • Kathleen Bartzen Culver Guest
  • Noelle Chesley Guest

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