Russia Hacking, Boys And Girls Club Director On Challenges Facing Kids, Best Music Of 2016

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We’re joined by NPR music writer Stephen Thompson, to talk about some of the best songs and albums of the year. We also talk with the program director for the Delavan Boys and Girls Club about the challenges kids are facing in their daily lives. And after the FBI backed the CIA’s conclusion that Russian hackers tried to meddle in the election, we talk about how the current or incoming administration might respond to Russia.

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  • Intelligence Community Reaches Consensus That Russia Tried To Meddle In The Election

    Seventeen federal intelligence agencies came to the consensus that Russia was behind the hacks into Democratic party computers with the aim of influencing the November election. The consensus comes after President-elect Donald Trump and his supporters expressed doubts that there was enough evidence to show that Russia was responsible for the hacking. We talk to a cybersecurity expert about how the current and incoming administrations might respond.

  • NPR Writer Shares Favorite Albums Of 2016

    We talk to an NPR music writer about some of his favorite albums of 2016.

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