Russ Feingold Announces, BBQ Competitions, Perks Of Women Staying Single

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Grills are heating up as summer approaches, and so is the competition among a number of Wisconsin barbecue teams. Our guest tells us about upcoming barbecue competitions around the state, and how you can get in on the action. We also learn why one writer is encouraging women to live life without a significant other, and discuss the news that former Senator from Wisconsin Russ Feingold is running again in 2016.

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  • Russ Feingold Announces 2016 Senate Bid

    Former Senator from Wisconsin Russ Feingold announced Thursday morning that he is running for Senate in 2016. His announcement sets the stage for a likely rematch between Feingold and Senator Ron Johnson, who beat Feingold in 2010.

  • BBQ Competitions: What's The Rub?

    With names like, “A Fine Swine”, “Crash Test Smokers” and “A Boy Named Que”, teams of BBQ enthusiasts from all over the country put their secret recipes to the test competing for trophies, prize money and pride. We talk to the head cook of a Wisconsin-based competitive BBQ team about what it takes to compete with meat.

  • The Case For Women Staying Single

    Our guest says more women are choosing to lead a single life, and makes the case for the pleasures and possibilities of choosing to go it alone.

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