Rural School Funding, What’s Up In The World Of Science, A Case For Lowering The Voting Age

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A Professor of psychology makes an informed case for lowering the voting age to 16. We hear about his ideas. We also talk to a science writer from Discover magazine and take a look a bill signed by Governor Scott Walker addressing rural school funding.

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  • Governor Walker Signs Rural School Funding Bill

    Governor Scott Walker visited Riverdale High School in Muscoda this week to sign a bill that will increase funding for many rural schools. The bill includes what’s known as sparsity aid … which aims to target more money to districts that cover large areas with low populations. It would bump up this aid from 300 dollars per student to 400 dollars per student in those districts. The bill also increases the revenue limit for low-spending districts. We talk with the executive director of the Wisconsin Rural Schools Alliance to learn more.

  • Science News: Gene Editing, Ochre, Diamonds

    Biologists are using gene editing to armor plants against disease… which they say could be the key to the future of farming. But not everyone is behind it. We’ll look at the debate around the new technology, plus other intriguing news in science, with science writer Gemma Tarlach.

  • Why We Should Lower The Voting Age To 16

    While teenagers are not typically thought of as the spitting image of responsible in our society, many are politically engaged and active, bringing action to issues like gun control. We hear from a professor of psychology who believes that 16-year-olds have the mental competence and the energy to be registered voters.

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  • Rob Ferrett Host
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