Rural Population Decline, ‘Parasite’ Wins Big at Academy Awards, Trump Stances Change Political Opinions

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President Donald Trump
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We discuss a recent survey showing both liberals and conservatives will change their views on political issues after finding out where President Trump stands on them. We also look at a new report on rural population decline in Wisconsin. And we look at the latest Best Picture winner “Parasite.”

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  • Data Show Most Of Wisconsin's Rural Counties Losing Population

    A report from a Wisconsin-based research group finds that between 2010-2018, two-thirds of the state’s rural counties saw a population decline. We talk with WPR’s rural communities reporter about the numbers and the impacts he’s seeing.

  • 'Parasite' Surprises Many Winning Best Picture

    For the first time in Academy Awards history, a film not in English took home Best Picture. We talk about the big wins for the film “Parasite” directed by Bong Joon-Ho with a film critic.

  • Trump Stances Cause Voters To Flip Their Own Positions

    A political scientist walks us through a new poll that shows voters of different political persuasions change their positions, depending on where President Donald Trump stands on them.

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