Rural Lawyer Shortage, This Week In Washington, Wisconsin’s High Levels Of Black Incarceration

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Wisconsin has one of the highest rates of the incarceration of African-Americans in the nation. We look at the causes, and possible solutions. Harry Enten of discusses some of the biggest stories in national politics of the week. And we look why rural areas of Wisconsin seem to be short on lawyers.

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  • Lack Of Lawyers Affecting Rural Areas In Wisconsin

    For residents of rural Wisconsin, it appears that it may be getting more difficult to find a lawyer. According to the State Bar of Wisconsin, fewer than 40 percent of the state’s active attorneys are practicing law outside of major urban areas, and it’s not immediately clear who will replace these attorneys upon retirement. WPR’s reporter in Superior looks at the numbers and what’s being done to recruit young lawyers to rural parts of the state.

  • This Week In Washington – August 24, 2016

    Harry Enten, senior political writer and analyst for FiveThirtyEight, joins Central Time for our weekly look at the most pressing issues in national politics.

  • How Wisconsin Became The Worst State In The Nation For Black Incarceration

    Wisconsin incarcerates more black men than any state in the nation…but just how did we get to this point? A sociologist discusses why the state’s black incarceration rate is so high and what efforts and potential policies could bring it down.

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