Rural Health Day In Wisconsin, Lack Of Local News, Cat Mojo

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Local news outlets are increasingly becoming part of national media organizations. We talk to a newspaper publisher from Eau Claire about the effect of media consolidation on local news coverage. We’re also joined by an author who shares the best ways to understand and care for our cats. Plus, we talk to an expert about rural healthcare on Rural Health Day in Wisconsin.

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  • Rural Health Day In Wisconsin

    One in four Wisconsinites lives in a rural or frontier community, and over half of Wisconsin’s counties are considered rural. Experts say these communities have unique healthcare challenges, like rural hospital closures, lack of healthcare providers, and an aging population. Governor Scott Walker proclaimed November 16th as Rural Health Day in Wisconsin. It’s a chance to look at the challenges of rural health and to look at how health care providers are working with rural communities. An expert shares some of the challenges and experiences of providing health care in rural Wisconsin.

  • The Effects Of Media Consolidation On Local News

    Buy local. We hear that phrase all the time, often as a badge of honor signaling a sense of pride in using our dollars to support local businesses. But can this same platitude apply to the media we consume?

    For years now local media outlets have been bought up by large media conglomerates that often own dozens if not hundreds of media affiliates around the country. But how has this trend affected the local news coverage that serves a given community?

    We talk to the publisher of an Eau Claire weekly publication about the effects of large scale media consolidation on local media coverage.

  • Total Cat Mojo: The Ultimate Guide To Life With Your Cat

    Jackson Galaxy is an expert on the internet’s favorite animal: cats. He joins us to talk about his new book Total Cat Mojo: The Ultimate Guide to Life With Your Cat, and looks at the kitty behaviors that perplex us, concern us, and even endear us.

    Do you have a cat whose behavior is a mystery to you? Are there certain habits that your cat has that need to be changed, for their health and safety …. or your sanity? Have you ever felt like the only option was to find a new home for your feline friend?

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