Rural Business Development, New Wisconsin Watch Investigation Of University Of Wisconsin Child Abuse Doctor, Economic Threat Posed By COVID-19

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Downtown Seymour, Wis.
Downtown Seymour, Wis. Bill Martens/WPR

Business development since the Great Recession has generally been slowest in rural areas. We look at factors that can give small communities a leg up. We also learn about an investigation into a dismissed University of Wisconsin child abuse doctor. And we discuss the economic effects of COVID-19.

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    Since the Great Recession, business development has been slowest in rural areas, but not all communities are the same. We talk with an economist about how different types of rural areas have fared and what factors have given them an advantage.

  • COVID-19's Threats To US And Global Economies

    Economists are worrying that the COVID-19 outbreak could plunge global economies into recession. We look at why the markets are taking a hit, what the downturn could mean for people’s investments and what it says about the overall health of our economy.

  • Wisconsin Watch Investigates Former University Of Wisconsin Child Abuse Doctor

    We talk with an investigative reporter about the handling of child abuse allegations in Wisconsin hospitals, including specialty child protection physicians who are facing increasing scrutiny.

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