Rules For Police Body Cameras, Future Of Mining In Northern WI, Wisconsin’s Hidden Treasures

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Even though Gogebic Taconite has pulled plans to build an iron ore mine in the Penokee Hills, another company could take its place. We’ hear about the possible future for mining in Northern Wisconsin. Then, police body cameras are growing in popularity, and advocates say the devices protect both civilians and officers from misconduct. Our guest examines the trend toward more cameras, and discusses the importance of statewide regulations. And, with recent natural attractions like the Ice Caves and Pope Farm’s sunflower field dominating social media, we hear about your favorite hidden treasures in Wisconsin.

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  • Legal Expert Says It's Time To Develop Best Practices For Body Cameras

    Body cameras are likely to become more prevalent in Wisconsin in the coming years. A legal expert makes the case that before police departments make the investment in body cameras, state officials and members of law enforcement should develop best practices for these cameras, including what to do with the footage, and how long to hold onto it.

  • Is Iron Ore Mining Inevitable In Northern Wisconsin?

    The owner of the site of what was once a proposed iron ore mine in Iron County says iron mining there is inevitable, and expects a mining operation there within several years. A WPR reporter looks at the possible future of mining in the region.

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