Roundup Of State Headlines, Internet Subsidies For The Poor, The Meaning Behind Political Jargon

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The FCC expanded internet access subsidies. We explore what it could mean for people in Wisconsin. We’ll also see what As Wisconsin’s primary election nears, presidential candidates have been all over the state making their pitches to win over voters. Our guest helps us interpret the jargon and code of presidential campaigns. We also recap the biggest headlines from around the state this week.

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  • State News Roundup For April 1, 2016

    A state news editor joins us to talk the latest political polls, presidential campaign stops and a major drug bust that took place in Brown County.

  • Breaking Down The Language Of A Presidential Election

    A presidential election seems to have a language all its own. Candidates want to tell it like it is, take our country back, put politics aside, or convince you they’re not part of the establishment. But what does any of it really mean? Two veteran political reporters and ‘Washington insiders’ break down the doubletalk, language and jargon of presidential elections, to help you cast an informed ballot at the polls.

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  • Rob Ferrett Host
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