Round-Up Of Action In The State Legislature, Preparing To Vote, Why People Respond Differently To Breakups

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Breakups are hard, but according to new research, they can be much harder for certain people. A researcher shares her findings on breakups, and gives us some tips on how to get through them unscathed. We also learn how to get ready to vote in Wisconsin’s elections this year, and we talk to the Capitol Bureau Chief from WPR News about what bills state lawmakers are passing as they prepare for the end of the session.

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  • Round-Up Of All The Action In The State Legislature

    There’s been a lot of action in the state legislature so far this week as lawmakers try to wrap up their work before the sesion ends. On Tuesday the state Assembly passed bills that would lessen land and water regulation for property owners, and the Senate passed a bill to allow online voter registration. We talk to WPR’s Capitol Bureau Chief to get the details on what the legislature has passed and what remains to be discussed.

  • Key Voting Dates And New Requirements

    Primary season is upon on us and with some key voting dates approaching and new I.D. requirements in place for our state, an Election Commissioner joins us to talk through the key dates and rules.

  • New Research On Why Breakups Are Harder For Some People Than Others

    New research shows why breakups are harder for some people than others. We talk to one of the lead researchers about how she and her research colleague looked into how people view rejection and breakups–and what they learned.

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