Ron Johnson On Iran, Reporter’s Fitness Journey

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Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson has been outspoken about a nuclear deal with Iran, and recently said the agreement should be subject to approval by Congress. Senator Johnson joins us on the show to discuss the latest on the proceedings. We also cover the story of a reporter who has made his battle with obesity public.

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  • Senator Ron Johnson Discusses Iran Strategy

    As the world powers continue to negotiate the details of a nuclear agreement with Iran, Congress is debating its own strategy for having a say on the agreement. U.S. Senator from Wisconsin Ron Johnson shares his vision for relations with Iran.

  • One Man's Journey From Fat To Fit

    After suffering a back injury due to his excess weight, a columnist in Des Moines decided he needed to make a change in his life. He’s working with a therapist, nutritionist, and a physical therapist to help him lose some of his 563 pounds. He shares his plan to regain his health and why he’s going public with his journey from fat to fit.

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