Roller Rinks Still Going Strong, Youth Vote Outlook, New Study Says Many Young People Don’t Have Romantic Partners

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A new survey finds that over half of young Americans are single, without a steady romantic partner. We learn why. We also talk about how roller rinks and skating culture has lived on for decades and we talk about what kind of voter turnout we might see in 2020 from younger generations.

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  • Roller Rinks Continue To Be A Place To Recreate Throughout The Decades

    The popularity of roller rinks might seem like it was a thing of the past, but families continue to visit and the sport continues to be practice. Our guest tells us about the history of the roller rink and her own experience growing up in a family that owned one.

  • A Closer Look At Wisconsin's Young Voters

    Across the country, young voters turned out in greater numbers for the 2018 midterms than any other point in more than two decades, according to research from Tufts University. We look at efforts to boost young voter turnout in Wisconsin.

  • More Than Half Of Young Americans Don't Have A Romantic Partner

    There are lots of ways to find a date or a relationship these days – both in person and online. But different ways of connecting doesn’t automatically mean more people are in committed relationships. According to a recent survey, just over half of younger Americans between 18 and 34 do not have a steady romantic partner. We turn to a journalist digging into this data to discuss what we can learn about our society.

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