The Role Of Pardons, Meet Wisconsin’s Internet-Famous Crochet Prodigy, Teaching In Wisconsin Schools

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Students and a teacher in a classroom
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Gov. Tony Evers says he’ll use his power to issue pardons, a move former Gov. Scott Walker did not do. We discuss the role of pardons in the criminal justice system and how they work in Wisconsin. Then, a La Crosse-area 11-year-old taught himself to crochet when he was five and now runs his own crochet business. We learn about his passion for crochet and some of his biggest projects. We also hear from a Wisconsin educator about the experience of being a teacher in today’s school climate.

Featured in this Show

  • Governor Evers Pledges To Issue Pardons

    Gov. Tony Evers is pledging to do something Wisconsin has not seen in eight years: grant pardons. We discuss how pardons work and Evers’ reasoning for issuing them.

  • The State Of Teaching In Wisconsin

    According to recent reports, schools in the state are experiencing teacher shortages. We’re joined by a Wisconsin educator in the higher education world who says the problem is not that we do not have enough teachers, it’s that teacher turnover rates are high because new teachers are leaving the field quickly. We hear more about what the world of teaching is like for Wisconsin educators and what needs to change in order to make teaching a rewarding career again.

  • Young La Crosse Boy Renowned Worldwide For Crochet Skills

    Eleven-year-old Jonah Larson joins us to talk about how he got into crocheting and what it feels like to be recognized around the world for his textile work.

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