Right-To-Work Bill Up For Vote Next Week, “Beer And Boardgames” In Wisconsin, Chili Recipes

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We’ve all heard of beef chili and white chicken chili, but what about fruit chili? We discuss a variety of chili recipes, and ask for your favorites, to enjoy during these cold days. In news: Wisconsin lawmakers will likely take up a right-to-work bill next week. We ask a reporter if Wisconsin could become the next right-to-work state. And, we also learn how a couple Irish music video producers found themselves in Wisconsin for “Beer and Board Games.”

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  • Wisconsin: The Next Right-To-Work State?

    State Republican lawmakers this morning announced plans to fast-track legislation that could make Wisconsin the 25th right-to-work state in the nation. What will this mean for Wisconsin workers and businesses?

  • Irish Filmmakers Visit Wisconsin

    We talk with two Irish music video producers about how they found their way to Wisconsin for a spot on the locally-proudced web series “Beer and Board Games.”

  • Food Friday: All Different Kinds Of Chili

    Since the temperatures are so low, lots of people are making chili to warm themselves up. Food Friday regular Lori Skelton has spent the last few weeks experimenting with different kinds of this tasty dish, including fruit chili and no tomato chicken chili. She shares her conclusions and asks for your favorite chili recipes.

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