Retaining Talent In UW-System, America’s Pest Problem, Inherited Toxins

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Rob Ferrett and Veronica Rueckert speak to a former UW-Madison Chancellor about retaining top professors, look at the rise of wildlife in America’s cities and suburbs, and hear how toxins that affected your great-grandparents might be in your genes.

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  • Board Of Regents Meets To Discuss Retaining Talent At UW, UWM

    Critics have often suggested that UW-Madison and UW-Milwaukee do not have the resources to retain top talent and are losing professors to other universities. The UW-System Board of Regents is meeting Thursday to address the issue. Former UW-Madison Chancellor weighs in on the school’s ability to compete.

  • America's Pest Problem

    Fifty years ago, many species of wildlife in America had been nearly wiped out. Today they have rebounded and some are calling for stricter management as these animals creep into cities and suburbs.

  • Your Great-Grandparents' Toxins Could Be In Your Genes

    One of the winners of the 2013 Smithsonian Ingenuity Awards talks about the ways in which toxins from generations ago could be in our genes today.

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  • Rob Ferrett Host
  • Veronica Rueckert Host
  • Galen Druke Producer
  • John Wiley Guest
  • David Von Drehle Guest
  • Michael Skinner Guest

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