Restaurants And Reopening Challenges, A Change In Advertising During The Pandemic, Absentee Ballot Applications

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Jaime Chase writes a personal note thanking customers on a carry out lunch box at Chase's Diner
Jaime Chase writes a personal note thanking customers on a carry out lunch box at Chase’s Diner Thursday, April 23, 2020, in Chandler, Ariz. Owner Skip Chase has maintained all his employees and raised their hourly pay to compensate for lost tips since his business has gone to carry-out only in compliance with Arizona’s COVID-19, Coronavirus mandates. Chase’s has lost over $20,000 since closing their in-house seating area in March and Chase has spent over $9,000 in personal money to supplement his staff’s payroll in an effort to remain open. Matt York/AP Photo

A food writer talks with us about obstacles facing restaurants as they attempt to re-open safely, and how some of them may not be able to make the transition financially. We also critique the look and content of TV ads during the coronavirus pandemic. Plus, details on absentee ballot applications being sent out for the November election.

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  • For Restaurants Recovering From Pandemic, Reopening Has Its Own Costs

    Closures caused by the coronavirus outbreak put restaurant owners in a tough spot. But reopening is bringing about a cash crunch of its own. We find out about the costs restaurants are dealing with, and what it means for how many places may end up closing for good.

  • The Commercial Takes On New Tone During Pandemic

    Companies reacted swiftly to create ads aimed at empathizing and creating feelings of community during quarantine. We talk to a critic who notes the odd absence of products in these commercials, and their tendency to all sound and look eerily similar.

  • State Elections Commission Finalizes Plan To Mail Absentee Ballot Applications To 2.7 Million Voters

    The Wisconsin Elections Commission voted on Tuesday to finalize a plan to mail absentee ballot applications to nearly all registered voters in the state. We get the details on the ballots and check up on where state leaders stand on the issue of voting by mail.

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