Republican Tax Plan, Michael Perry Talks About Working Life

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President Trump has announced plans for a major tax overhaul this week that would cut taxes on businesses and eliminate the estate tax. We get more of the details and discuss its chances in Congress. Wisconsin author and radio host Michael Perry has worked as a pig farmer, nurse, and firefighter. He shares some favorite experiences and what he’s learned from a lifetime of different jobs.

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  • Unpacking The Latest Tax Overhaul Plan

    President Trump visited Indianapolis yesterday to tout the GOP’s latest tax plan. In his announcement, the President said that the plan would help low and middle-income families throughout the country and streamline the tax code. But critics say that the overhaul will benefit top earners in the country. Vanessa Williamson of the Brookings Institution joins us to unpack the tax plan.

  • Michael Perry On Work, Storytelling And Much More

    From his time as a volunteer firefighter, to his current gigs as a writer, newspaper columnist, musician, and host of Tent Show Radio, Michael Perry just might be one of the hardest working guys in Wisconsin. And that theme of work figures prominently in a new collection of essays, pulled from his 15 year writing career. He joins us to talk about the book, which covers such diverse topics as mushing, nursing, and puking.

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