Republican leaders open door to medical pot, Fusion and planetary research, New DNR Secretary shares priorities

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Wisconsin DNR
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State Republican leaders say they’re open to the idea of a narrow medical marijuana policy. We look at how other states handle their programs. We also talk with the new head of the state DNR about PFAS pollution and other big environmental issues facing the state. Plus, we discover how fusion energy breakthroughs are helping astronomers study the universe.

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  • Republican leaders open the door to medical marijuana in Wisconsin. How do other states handle the issue?

    Republican leaders in the state Assembly and Senate say they’re open to the idea of a limited medical marijuana program. We look at how other states administer their medicinal pot programs and explore the options available to Wisconsin.

  • Testing the universe in a lab

    Last month, scientists at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory announced a breakthrough in fusion reactions, generating a net-gain in energy. An astrophysicist explains how this fusion research is helping them understand our universe, and the possibility for life on other planets.

  • Meet the DNR's new secretary appointee

    Just about two weeks on the job, we talk with Adam Payne, Governor Evers’ new secretary appointee for secretary of the DNR.

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