Republican Lawmakers Write Letter To Governor About Transportation Funding, Door County’s Midsummer’s Music Festival, Preventing Sexual Assault

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Recent studies show that a good way to reduce sexual assaults on college campuses is for parents to have a conversation with their kids about the issue. We explore the latest research, and discuss how to get the most out of these conversations. We also get the story behind Door County’s Midsummer’s Music Festival, which celebrates its 25th anniversary this year, and we talk to one of the Republican lawmakers who wrote a letter to Governor Walker advocating for transportation funding cuts to be spread statewide.

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  • Rural Republican Lawmakers Write A Letter To Governor Walker About Transportation Cuts

    The state budget is still stalled in the legislature because of several issues, including transportation funding. Governor Walker proposed borrowing $1.3 billion dollars to fund transportation, instead of raising taxes or fees. Many state Republican lawmakers have said they don’t agree with borrowing that much money. On Monday, Republican lawmakers sent a letter to the governor saying they support cuts to his borrowing plan, but they can’t allow those cuts to fall solely on rural areas of the state. One of the Republicans who signed the letter explains why she’s concerned transportation cuts might fall disproportionately on rural districts.

  • Midsummer's Music Festival Turns 25

    Door County’s Midsummer’s Music Festival celebrates its 25th anniversary this year. Set on the shores of Lake Michigan, the festival offers a series of classical chamber music concerts in unique venues such as barns, historic churches, galleries and even boathouses. We get a behind-the-scenes tour from one of the festival’s founders.

  • Parents Should Talk To Their Kids To Prevent Sexual Assault

    According to recent research, one thing parents can do to prevent sexual assault is to talk to their kids about it. We find out why it might work, and how parents can make the conversation count.

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