Report on Milwaukee Opioid Deaths, Fewer People Voting On Identity Lines, Kids: Don’t Post About Me On Social Media

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A new report from Milwaukee Alderman Michael Murphy’s office shows that majority of the people in Milwaukee that die from opioid overdoses are white adults. We talk to the alderman more about the report’s findings. It seems like we share everything on social media, but some kids are asking their parents not to post about them. Our guest explains the dos and don’ts of sharing about your child online. We also examine whether or not people are voting along their identity lines.

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  • City of Milwaukee Releases New Report on Opioid Deaths

    A report released today from the office of Milwaukee Alderman Michael Murphy shows new data about opioid deaths in the city. According to the report, about two-thirds of the poeple dying from opioid overdoses are white adults. And while drug prevention programs usually focus on people in their teens and twenties, more than half of the people that died due to opioid deaths were between ages 30 and 59. Alderman Murphy joins our program and tells us more about the report’s findings.

  • Does Being Identity-Conscious Mean Voting Along Identity Lines?

    We’re living in a time when identity politics are the subject of headlines and thinkpieces, but despite being more conscious of race, religion, class and gender, feminists and women aren’t automatically voting for Hillary, and Latinos haven’t automatically supported Cruz and Rubio. Our guest tells us why people might be voting less along identity lines.

  • Children Are Telling Parents Not To Post About Them On Social Media

    Social media is one of the most popular ways to share photos and news with family and friends. But what if your kids don’t want you to post about them? We find out how to have the conversation with your children and to balance your wishes with theirs.

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