Report Finds Car Insurance More Expensive For Minorities, Public Accountability In Media, News

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A new report finds that car insurance is more expensive in areas with minority residents than it is in largely white neighborhoods with the same amount of driving risk. One of the authors of the report talks about what data he investigated and why it revealed such a stark disparity. We also chat with NPR’s public editor about serving as a liaison between listeners and journalists, and maintaining accountability in the newsroom. Plus, a closer look at President Trump’s recent reversals on key campaign promises and what it means going forward.

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  • Report Finds Minorities Pay Higher Car Insurance Rates, Even With Lower Risk

    A new report by Propublica visited four states to compare car insurance rates with average insurance payouts from different zip codes. It found that areas with mostly minority residents paid higher rates than white neighborhoods with the same, or higher, risk factor for driving. We speak with one of the report’s authors about the data they analyzed, and what may have brought about the stark racial disparities they uncovered.

  • Public Accountability In A Time Of Deep Distrust Of The Media

    Recent polls indicate Americans’ trust in mass media has sunk to an all-time low. At the same time, social media is driving a tendency to ensconce ourselves inside our own media bubbles where we avoid bumping up against opposing viewpoints. Given these challenges, how does public media uphold its commitment to fairness and accuracy?

  • Trump's U-Turn On Key Policies: Momentary Flip Flop, Or Long-Term Strategy Change?

    Donald Trump has been in office 84 days today and already he has reversed his position on several key policies. Does this signal a long-term direction change or a short-term flip-flop?

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